Necromancy with Hekate

Hekate in Necromancy by Loukianos

The Magickal Tree of Hekate

Yew or Taxus baccata is one of the trees associated with Hekate, necromancy, magickal wands etc. In this article I will present some info for growing that tree and its magickal properties. My purpose is to give you all the info you will need to have a yew friend in your yard. Just go to your plant store, ask Taxus baccata, buy some biological calcium, 2-3 handfulls of rocks, read this article and plant your yew.

Torches in Hellenic Mythology

One of the most well-known symbols of Goddess Hekate is the torch. Other goddesses and gods have as symbol the torch. Let's see who they are.


The word “Hermekate” can be found in Papyri Graecae Magicae III. 1-59 and the explanation that is provided by some is that “Hermes and Hekate are perhaps a “natural match,” in any case, due to their similar functions and associations, though their mythology does not often overlap” or that “Hermekate is son of Hekate and Hermes”. Yet any other sources other than PGM cannot be found. In Betz's book, it is written: "the name Hermekate is a combination of Hermes and Hekate".

Invocation using PGM XII

Goddess Hekate. The invocation I am going to write derives from the PGM XII 238-245. It is an invocation to the almighty God, but I have modified it slightly to invoke the Goddess Hekate. The invocation is very beautiful, truely poetic. I have added the invocation to a well structured ritual, for anyone who wants to follow it or modify it according to its magickal tradition.


There are four women known with name Artemis. The first is daughter of Zeus and Persephone, the second one is daughter of Uranos and Phoebe, the third one is daughter οf Dionysos and Demetra and the fourth one that most known is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Artemis was born in Delos Island one day before her brother Apollo was born. Her name comes from the word “artia” (άρτια) that means “entire” because Artemis was responsible for the people's health. Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus. Leto's parents are titan Koios and Phoebe.

Crystals and Minerals

This is a project I did for the CoH Santuario de Hekate Thethys Krataiis.

The following list contains a small text with the properties of every crystal that I believe its energy is related to our Mother Hekate. In the end, I have written my suggestion for selecting the appropriate crystals for rituals. I have tried to write down a small description so anyone can choose the best related crystal according to his/her needs and intuition. In the Greem Magickal Papyri the lodestone is associated with Hekate by engraving three of Her forms.


Queen of the Wands

In this article we are going to examine if and how the court card of the Queen of the Wands relate with the Goddess of the Crossroads. The reason for this correlation is an esoteric motivation I had to buy a printed image of the Queen from the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot. Without knowing much about the symbolism of this card in the Golden Dawn decks I put it next to a classical image of Hekate and they are going fine. Let's see how this happened.

Theocritu's Pharmakeutria

Theocritus was born in 305 b.C. His roots were from Syracouses. His father was Praxagoras and his mother Philinna. He lived in Syracouses from 310- 290 b.C. in Kos from 290 - 283. He met there his teachers Nikias and Philitas. He then moved to Sicily from 283-275. His teacher was Asclepiades. In 275 - 270 he moved to Alexandria next to the palace of Ptolemaios. He met Alexander Aitolos, who was his teacher. In 270 he moved to Kos and met Leonidas the Tarantinos.

Plutarch on Superstition

Plutarch/Ploutarchos has written a book about superstition, the wrong fear of the Gods. He is comparing this disease with another one, atheism. From his text we see that Hekate was feared, she was the Goddess of magick and we see a clear identification with Artemis.


Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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