Beginners Reading List about Hekate

This is the beginners a reading list and focuses on the books that a beginner should read in order to get to know the Goddess and Her characteristics better.

There are different books about different topics that someone might find interesting. Some of these books are easier to read and some demand background reading that is indirectly related to Hekate to be properly understood. In the following list, you will find books that anyone who is interested in Hekate should read, and there is no need for reading other books at first place prior to reading those suggested in the list. Choose one book to begin with and enjoy your read!

Offerings to Hekate

Here is a general list for offerings to the Goddess Hekate.

Eleusinion - Sanctuary of Hekate

The sanctuary of Hekate is located in Athens, in the Eleusinion which was devoted to the worship of Demeter and Persephone in Athens. It was founded in the 6th century. B.C and it is located between Acropolis and the Agora, on the northern foothills of the Acropolis, south of the Agora. The sanctuary of Hekate is standing on one of the most important crossroads of the ancient Athens. The road which connects Acropolis, Eleusinion, Agora and Dipylon (gate of Athens) is the Panathenaic Way.

Empousa a Daemon of Hekate

Empousa was a katachthonic daemon and she was under the dominance of Hekate. Hekate was the sender of dreams (ονειροπομπός) and sender of spirits (φασματοπομπός), meaning that she had control over them. She was sending to people spirits and dreams which they named hekataia (εκάταια). Odysseus built a temple to Hekate in Sicily to free himself from the dreams and spirits She could transform and take different forms. She was transforming in donkey, ox, bird, woman, stone, tree and other similar forms. Empousa was sent by Hekate to miserable people, signifying them their miserableness. Most of the times she was seen by foot passengers and she was coming after them insulting them.

Triangular shrine of Hekate in Athens

A triangle-shaped open air sanctuary is located just outside the southwest corner of the Agora in Athens. Its position at a crossroad and the triangular shape of its enclosure, the building is indicated to be a shrine of Hekate.

The Sculptor Myron

Myron was one of the most significant sculptors in ancient Hellas comparable to sculptor Pheidias. Among many statues that decorated the hellenic civilization of the 5th century BC was a statue of Hekate recorded by Pausanias the Geographer.


Chthonian Goddess Plaque

A plaque of the 7th century B.C. depicting a chthonian goddess with snakes was found in Ancient Agora in Hellas. Her characteristics fit to Hekate while similar plaques were found in Eleusis. Considering Hekate's involvement in the Eleusinian Mysteries making a strong connection with the most important religious centre of that time it is quite possible to be Hekate.

Hekate in Athenaeus' Deipnosophistae

In the lines that follow we can find a reference from the work of Athēnaios Naukratitēs , Deipnosophistae writing that as deipnon for Goddess Hekate was offered bread made of wheat.

Starting the Connection

A question that I had when I was beginning to establish a stronger connection with the Goddess Hekate, was "how can I do it?" I was invoking the Goddess inside the circle, I knew the necessary mythology about Her, a big part of it I had read in Witchcraft books. When I felt the calling from Her, I saw this matter of connection more seriously. Well, I couldn't avoid it. The Goddess was communicating with me, there was no way not to see the signs. I liked that She wanted to work with me. I tried to do some things and I also asked for guidance of my friend Katerina, who was also a devotee. One of the things I did, was to read, to study, to search about Her. And from that starting point, I made a secure ground for building a safe and strong relationship.

The Illusive Goddess

The following article is going to make some people mad, cause them mania to the point that they may even want to hit their screen. It is not suitable for people who base their practices and ideas regardings the cult of Hekate, on illusive personal gnosis, feelings, channelings, New Age ideas etc. Hopefully, the readers of this blog base their practices on well documented historical and archaeological facts. Those readers, our readers, may continue reading. They others are kindly requested to exit that page, as it will get them upset.


Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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