Empousa a Daemon of Hekate

Empousa was a katachthonic daemon and she was under the dominance of Hekate. Hekate was the sender of dreams (ονειροπομπός) and sender of spirits (φασματοπομπός), meaning that she had control over them. She was sending to people spirits and dreams which they named hekataia (εκάταια). Odysseus built a temple to Hekate in Sicily to free himself from the dreams and spirits She could transform and take different forms. She was transforming in donkey, ox, bird, woman, stone, tree and other similar forms. Empousa was sent by Hekate to miserable people, signifying them their miserableness. Most of the times she was seen by foot passengers and she was coming after them insulting them.

Timaios And The Creation Of The Universe

Timaios is one of the dialogues of Plato, which the great philosopher wrote in his latest years. It is a continuation of “About Town” or “About Justice” and after that, Kritias should be read, at least the fragment that is has survived to us. Another title for Timaios is “About Nature”. It was the main text of cosmology till 13th century, when the Physics and Metaphysics of Aristotle were discovered. The first two parts have been survived in latin and the third in hellenic. Plato uses Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Pathology, Cosmology and Metaphysics in his dialogue.

Plato and Personal Daimon

Plato, the student of Socrates has written many interesting books of philosophy. One of the most well known is Timaios. Among a lot of interesting things Plato writes about the soul and the personal daimon, the spirit that we call today guardian angel was called agathodaimon, meaning a good spirit.

Plato, Timaios 90:


The ancient Hellenes didn't believed in idolatry, the had a complicated religion full of Gods. Using the oracle of Trophonios in Boetia as an example we will see how this worked every time.

There is a several amount of people even in Hellas who believe that ancient Hellenes worshipped statues, so they call them eidololatres and the phenomenon idolatry. In ancient hellenic religion people believed in Gods and Goddesses, energies of the universe, angels, daimones (daimons). The gave to those energies different forms according to their vision or experience. Those forms were the statues. So ancient Hellenes never woshipped statues but the idea behind the statue, the idea that the statue represented.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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