Virtues of the COH

Witchcraft has laws to keep the cosmic balance. Laws lead to ethics and rules of conduct. So, a Witch follows rules and has a good behaviour. In ancient times, Withes were wise people who knew how to manipulate knowledge for the wellness of a community. Their social respected role, lead them close to kings and people of great power.

Nowadays, modern witches follow rules, which are very close to our civilization. Some devotees of Hekate, who belong to the Covenant of Hekate have made a list with five basic virtues, that connect Hekate and her followers.

Rite of Her Sacred Fires

The most well known annual ceremony for honoring the Goddess Hekate. It started in 27th of May 2010 and it is performed every year with great success. Hundrends to thousands of Witches participate in this ritual within the circle, within sacred space, outdoors in the forest, in the mountains, in caves or in a simple desk or in the floor. Some Witches perform this rite as a group, others do it in their privacy at their own.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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