Rite of Her Sacred Fires 2020

The ROHSF is an annual celebration for the Goddess Hekate, performed once a year at the full moon of May.

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Basic Ritual Structure

Every magickal tradition has its own rituals and methods of raising, manipulating, grounding energy. The following is a basic structure of writing a ritual and it is inspired by the tradition of the Golden Dawn. A full set of instructions can be found in the book The Essential Golden Dawn, written by the Ciceros, published by Llewellyn in 2004

Cleansing bath

Take a bath before ritual and dress in the ritual robe.

Create a Shrine


Shrine is a sacred surface/table that is used only for one God or Goddess and it is mainly for devotional work, praying and offerings. For creating a shrine you will firstly need a surface like a table or a bookcase section, where you will add items corresponding to the specific deity. The table could be either put at the center of the room or against the wall of the room, traditionally looking at the east. On the table must be put a depiction of the God or the Goddess. This depiction can be either a statue or a cornice with a printed image of the deity. The printed image version is used when there is not a statue of the God available to buy.

Epictetus on Priests

The stoic philosopher Epictetus writes about those who want to become priests before they are ready and rightly trained and the importance of the correct priest during the ceremonies. Many people have supported and still claim to be priests and priestesses of the Goddess Hekate or other Gods, while others claim to be priests/priestesses of a magickal tradition. Being a priest/priestess demands great commitment and a lot of hard work internally and externally, in theory and practice. It is time consuming and someone has to devote himself to it.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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