Hekate's association with the stars

Hekate’s association with the stars can be seen from the other goddesses that she is connected with and their qualities. Hekate appears to be Selene (Moon) in Apollius Rodios and Ovid's Metamorphoses. In the Hellenistic period Hekate was Selene in the sky, Persephone in the Underworld (Hades), Artemis in the Earth. Nonnus (5th century a.C.) is writing that Selene is Hekate of many names. In the PGM we can find hymns and many magickal spells that associate Hekate with Selene, especially hymns to the moon.

Goddess Asteria

Asteria was daughter of titans Koios and Phoebe, granddaughter of Ouranus and Earth and sister of Leto who gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Koios was responsible for the quality of things. His name in ionic dialect is Koios but in aiolic dialect is Poios which means quality (κοῖος = ποῖος = quality). His wife, Phoebe, had the abilities of clearness and diaphaneity. Leto had the abilities of night and lethe and Asteria was responsible for the movement of the stars and their appearance. So quality and diaphaneity born night and stars.

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