Leather Cases

When the witch creates his/her magical tools for ritual uses, the next step is to create cases for them. A black cotton fabric case for each tool protects it from unwanted earthy energies when the tool is not used. So, it is common to sew our own fabric cases for each tool. Some witches take it a step further by attaching them to their belt. Others, like me, prefer to lay them on the altar and remove them from the cases when the ritual is about to start.

Faerie Athame

If you want to work with the faeries using faerie/fairy magick you need a bronze athame. So, I had to buy bronze and make it or find a bronze knife. I had worked with bronze before, so I have the knowledge to make a knife from metal. I was going to a meeting and I passed through an antique store. Something made me stay there and see the items. I found some old letter opener knives, which were in terrible condition.

Stoneware Pottery

I always wanted to have one censer from clay, as it is a ritual item that can be found in houses of ancient Hellas, but I couldn't find one. I continued to search for this censer, but I had no luck. I could make one from air-dried clay, but it wouldn't last. So, I eventually gave up. Without a pottery oven, you cannot make usable clay.

Witch Hunt


Witch Trials is a book written back in 2003 by professor of American History, Marc Aronson, who is explaining what really happened in the trials at Salem village (today's Danvers) (1692-1693). There are many books that write about these witch trials, but sadly, they are not always based on facts. He starts by stating that Tituba was Indian and not African. There is no evidence that she was performing rituals, yet the girls were practicing augomanteia (egg divination) to see who they are going to marry.

A History of Witchcraft


A historian and a witch cooperated to write a book on the history of Witchcraft. Within 200 pages, 110 pictures, small font size, glossy paper, pen resistant paper, this book is full of historical information about Witchcraft. It's actually a revised edition of 1980 updated with new content, articles, and bibliography. Everyone who practices witchcraft and magick will enjoy this book. It's not a fast read, but it flows well and it will satisfy the reader who seeks to know the history of Witchcraft from the Middle Ages till today.

Initiation Into Witchcraft


Initiation Into Witchcraft is a book that should have been written a long time ago. It's a new book of 2019 published by the author's publishing house, so it is free from censorship. It is written by a high priest of Alexandrian Wicca and its purpose is to introduce the reader to the world of British Traditional Wicca (BTW). The introduction is written by the legendary Maxine Sanders.

The Flame In The Cauldron


A new and short book on traditional Witchcraft, written by someone who practices traditional Witchcraft and carries his experiences and some of the best techniques along with personal advice on the subject. The author is authentic and his views are personal, yet based on the teachings he has received. He was trained by a couple from Essex. I Maryland he was trained by a witch of Wales, a witch from the Fox Clan, a priestess of the Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion in Atlanta.

Witchcraft Today - 60 Years on


This book is written for the romantic practitioners of Wicca. Some well respected witches write about some wicca traditions and other wicca-relates traditions. Let me mention them:Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Seax, Dianic, Hedge, Solitary, Nature, Hekatean, Egyptian, Male, Eclectic. Most of the texts/essays are very good, nicely written with good structure. In part two, you will find some personal stories answering how the writers got they hands on witchcraft. In part one, there are some personal insights too.

The Inner Mysteries


In the backcover prof. Ronald Hutton writes about Janter that she is one of the most prominent writers of history and nature of modern Witchcraft. He continues that the collaboration with Gavin Bone is dynamic and interesting. The Witche's Voice characterizes the book as a refreshing honest look into the Witchcraft of both past and future. For me the book provides a progressive view in Wicca regarding both initiatory and self-initiatory. The writers teach in the whole book using logic, experience and wisdom.

Clay Plaque

In this tutorial I am going to present my way to construct a plaque for Hekate with a representation to Her.


Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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