Stoneware Pottery

I always wanted to have one censer from clay, as it is a ritual item that can be found in houses of ancient Hellas, but I couldn't find one. I continued to search for this censer, but I had no luck. I could make one from air-dried clay, but it wouldn't last. So, I eventually gave up. Without a pottery oven, you cannot make usable clay.

Hekate Liminal Rites


This book is full of ancient small-sized texts about the Goddess Hekate. Many of them could be easily found. The conclusions and the comments are very helpful too. The texts came from ancient Hellenes writers, Roman writers, Byzantine writers, PGM and Chaldean Oracles. The book has small chapters concerning many things about Hekate, like Elefsinean Mysteries, statues, ancient coins, ancient temples, curse tablets, voces magicae, herbs, metals, hymns, animals, necromancy, angels, the medieval connection with solomon's magick etc.

Protection & Reversal Magick


Jason Miller is a very rare person in our days. This book is full of protection techniques with many kinds of magick inside. The practitioner of the craft would find a daily practicing routine, house protection spells, symbols and sigils for protecting againsts evil spirits, a technique to invoke a spirit in the house, aura cleansing rituals, invisibility rituals etc. all based in the ancient way of thinking. The techniques are effective, solid and require seriousness and prudence.

HEKATE: Keys to the Crossroads

One of the first attempts presenting and exploring the Goddess of the Three-ways, the Goddess who hold the keys to the whole world. A leading book for 2006! Hekate is now very famous in the Witchcraft community. This books consists of 3 parts. Part one is (pg. 19-38) is a small presentation to the history of the Goddess. The writer's points derive from ancient texts. There is a small table of correspondences, some clarifications about misconseptions that we still read on the web.

Clay Plaque

In this tutorial I am going to present my way to construct a plaque for Hekate with a representation to Her.

Hekate's Candle

Let's put Hekate in a candle!

I always considered a good idea to have a special candle for Hekate with Her decorating the candle. The candle looks better and more official. In my first attempt, I used acrylics to paint a glass candle holder. This project was fine but it was not Hekate in the candle. Let's start

Wooden Plaque

In this project I am going to show you how you can construct a wooden plaque for Hekate.

Candle Holder

In this project we are going to make a candle holder from wood. We need a piece of wood from a tree, especially from a big branch and a drill. The candle holders should be put on the altar. They bring a natural earth energy to your magickal place.


Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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