Ancient Magick

Goetic Circle

The process of creating or crafting the circle of evocation from the Lesser Key of Solomon (Goetia).

Astrological Magic

A challenging book. The writers are experienced traditional Astrologers, magicians and Golden Dawn practitioners. In their work, they present a system of working ceremonially with the elements, the planets and the zodiac signs by invoking their energy.

The Mansions of The Moon


For those who want to expand their magick and use the time cycle of the Moon effectively, besides using the lunar light (Dark Moon, first quarter, Full Moon, last quarter) this is the book they are looking for about finding the right moment for a ritual or a physical action and secondly, for creating a talisman using the Moon energies.

On The Heavenly Spheres


This is a highly recommended book for everyone who wants to study traditional Astrology and obtain a good structure. It is centred around the Hellenistic period till the Medieval Period reaching William Lilly. It is basically a book that explains in a perfect way, the western Medieval Astrology

The Complete Book of Astrological Geomancy


It’s an old book printed in 1990. I couldn’t find it as brand new to buy it, so I searched it online and I ordered it second-hand. After spending some days with it, I consider it a valuable book and I still don’t understand why it has not printed again and again. I have the same question for other good and special books on magick...

The Art and Practice of Geomancy

The Art and Practice of Geomancy was published in 2009. I read it in 2019. It is the best book around on Medieval Western Geomancy. The book is valuable to anyone who wants to start learning this medieval art of divination and magick. The written style of Greer is always understandable and easy to follow.

The Hermetic Tablet 2018

The Hermetic Tablet is a bi-annual journal of Western Ritual Magick edited by Nick Farrell of the Magical Order of Aurora Aurea. Is has an excellent font, decorated first letters for each article, bibliography at the end of each article, and it is easy to read. Its price is a disadvantage, but with a self-publication, there is not much you can do.

Making Talismans

Review no1 

Written by Eirini Tsotsou

HEKATE: Keys to the Crossroads

One of the first attempts presenting and exploring the Goddess of the Three-ways, the Goddess who hold the keys to the whole world. A leading book for 2006! Hekate is now very famous in the Witchcraft community. This books consists of 3 parts. Part one is (pg. 19-38) is a small presentation to the history of the Goddess. The writer's points derive from ancient texts. There is a small table of correspondences, some clarifications about misconseptions that we still read on the web.

Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries


I saw this old book in the archaelogical museum of Eleusis. The author was a dedicated man who searched the mysteries of Eleusis. He was a well respected professor of archaeology in Washington University. In the first chapters there are many archaeological information about excavations and their meanings in Eleusis. A well written historical perspective follows. Then we have a written description about the place of the mysteries and how it was during the centuries until the roman influence.


Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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