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Kartograme is an art workshop dedicated to divinatory Marseille tarot decks. Discover the artisanal and manufactured ranges as well as tailor-made, unique, or confidential editions.

The artistic decks are handmade with three types of paper: hemp-linen handmade paper from France, Japanese washi paper, art paper from Germany. They are printed in an 11th cartridge printer with high-definition printing. The technology and the idea behind these artistic or artisanal decks are similar to a museum copy or an art copy. For the cartomancer, an artistic deck is a valuable tool, very close to the decks of the Renaissance.

They are made and printed in France with ecological materials and they are very durable.

Kartograme also offers industrial decks of Jean Noblet and Jean Dodal. The paper and the technology of manufactured or industrial decks are the same as mass-produced tarot decks.

Fabrication Process

The Kartograme Tarots unite secular manual skills and innovative technologies. Your deck vibrates in your hands as close as possible to the Tradition of the divinatory arts. It is a companion to reinvent a more sensitive and conscious world.

Your divinatory Tarot gets born from an encounter: that of your intention and my know-how. For your artisanal Tarot, I use the best technologies available to print the pictures in very high definition.  I select the most authentic materials from French artisans to assemble them manually. An artisanal Kartograme game is distinguished by its smoothing with soap and stone and by the double cutting. These techniques guarantee you

  • a neat and precise image with genuine colors
  • solidity over time
  • slide and smooth handling
  • homogeneity of card’s size


Facsimile treatment:

1. Crop and Placement: The cards are cropped; the cut frame ends are restored and the image is then centered on the card including a 2mm margin.

2. Find the original colors. The colors often tarnish over time and the paper oxidizes. It is a question of finding the right measure to render an authentic deck :

  • The image is recalibrated to match the color of the pigments used before aging.
  • Tears and breaks in the paper are also subtly restored.
  • The imprint of the figures is not affected. It can be reinforced if necessary. The colors of the stencils are not changed in their shape.

Read a full review on Kartograme's work here.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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