Constantinos Nterziotis


Constantinos is a Tae a Kwon Do, Chap Koon Do and Judo athlete and trainer, Komyo Reiki Do® practitioner and teacher, Johrei member and practitioner of Witchcraft. He has studied agricultural science and computer engineering.

He likes to search spiritual methods, Hellenic mythology, language, history and philosophy, esoteric traditions and occult knowledge. He is a certified cartomancer. He believes that humans are complicated beings with many interests, so he encourages other people to search for their real meaning of life, their purpose. He is a devotee of Hekate and an active member in Her modern society. He studies the teachings of Platonism, Stoicism and Neoplatonism. Training the body is as much important as training the mind, so a balanced state of being could be achieved. It is not right to move the soul without moving the body. Running, weight lifting, stretching and practising with old methods conclude a nice everyday program.

He likes to live with passion, so everything he does, he does it with full inner power, thing that explains why he is headstrong. He lives for his ideas and he is ready to defend them anytime. Those ideas are based in tradition and mainly the ancient Hellenic mentality.

In order to spread the esoteric knowledge and old traditions he had programmed a web application some years ago, which is permanently offline, but the same dream lives through various websites he builds and preserves. This website is one of those dreams.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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