Constantina Katsepa


Constantina was born in Athens and raised in Corinth for the most part. Her main interests include playing and writing music, poetry and watching tv shows. She was always very in touch with nature since she was a kid and she would walk barefoot all the time. She still does, actually.

She came across Wicca when she was 16 and she instantly felt a connection with what it stands for. She used to have prophetic dreams as a child so that resonated with something inside her.

She is currently learning more about herbs and crystals and their properties and how she can use them to heal herself and others. She is also interested in sign interpretation and divination. She met Constantinos and Eirini through the internet and after she had just started reading on Hekate, so she thought this was not a coincidence and she took it as a sign. She hopes to bring out her view of the Goddess through her work as a musician and a poet.

Constantina has resigned from the Crossroads Witch since 2018

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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