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Kaktos Publishing House is an hellenic business founded in 1975 by mr. Odusseus Chatzopoulos. From 1975-1991 2800 books were published on the subjects of science fiction, journal documentaries, scientific biographues and people of public life. Kaktos also published books of greek and foreign literature, history books and essays. It is the publishing house which published in modern hellenic the series of Constantinos Paparregopoulos History of Hellenic Nation.

From 1991 till today the publisher started a monumental work, to publish all ancient hellenic writers with ancient text and translation. This project started out of national responsibility without any kind of pension. Till today it is the biggest collection in the world. As Hellenes don't read their ancient inheritance, this project is not offering gains, it is all about offering to the Hellenic nation. If Kaktos didn't exist in Hellas, we couldn't read much of the books that has made us, the human beings we are today and life will be less rich without Plato, Aristotle, Iamblichos, Plotinos, Julianus, Proclos, Porphyrios, Epictetos.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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