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In this article I am going to show you my way of constructing an amazing Golden Dawn Fire Wand with common tools. I will try to be as analytical as possible using images, especially when the steps become a little difficult. If you constuct your wand using those instructions keep in mind that safety is first, know your tools, have your wood tightened all the time and let's do great magick.

Step 1- The main wood

First of all you should go to a store that sells wooden feet for balconies or for decoration of a yard. Those feet are usefule for making a safety fence along your doorsteps. I am posting a photo from the store I have near. As you can see, a certain type of wood looks like our wand.


Step 2 -Cutting the wood

Now use a light saw or a hand iron saw to cut the rectangular sides. Support your wood in a table vice or with f flanks. Make small movements, not to break the wood. Remember to keep the line straight. With a 100 sandpaper make the sides smooth and circular. Use the angle grinder with a sandpaper disc to make the pointy end. After that, use no 80 sandpaper to give the pointy shape to the cone.


Step 3 - Creating the rings

This is a difficult step and it may take some hours. Use a wide and long in depth piece of wood. Mark a square 5.5 x 5.5 cm and draw 2 diagonal lines to find its center. Using an electric drill for wood, number 38 make a whole in your square as you support it in the vice. Make sure your hand is steady or else the wood will break. Do not continue the hole until the end. Left a piece of wood to use it to support the square for the next step.


Now, use the angle grinder with the sandpaper disc and smoothen all angles. With a flank tight the square and with sandpaper make it as circular as it can be. Use no 60, no 80, no 100 sandpapers. That's it. You will need patience. Make it as circular as you can. This is your wand. The outer circle shouldn't be fat, but slim. So, use the sandpaper as long as it needs. When it goes hot, use water to lower the temperature. For better results use sandpaper for iron. Their back side is stronger.

With the light saw or the hand iron saw cut two rings and cut each one in two equal pieces. Do not worry we will glue them after.

Step 4 -The Iron

Take a 50 cm piece of hard wire steel. With a second cut type of file make a point in one side and smoothen the other. With sandpaper no 100, no 200, no 320 smoothen the iron steel. Use a strong magnet and rub the iron from bottom to top, the same direction all the time. After five minutes try to pick up a pin with the iron. If it will work, your iron is ready. I used a magnet from a speaker, but it wasn't strong. So I used another one.


Step 5 - Drill the wand.

You will need a drill the same diameter as your iron steel but it should be long. Mine is 25 cm long. Cut the wand vertically in the point where the second iron ring will normally go. Again, use the same iron saw. Drill in the center of two pieces, slowly with patience. If you are not handy with the drill, cut the wand in three pieces.

Step 6 - Glue

WIth wood glue and with a long f flank glue the wand with the iron wire inside of it. Let it for 24 hours. After a day, remove the flank. Now,glue the wooden rings in the main body and them together in the points you cut them in half. Use f flanks to tight them or a circular iron tight that we use for the water hose. Check the image. Wipe any excessive glue that will come out with a clean and we piece of fabric. Let it another 24 hours.


Step 7 - Putty

Use sandpaper to remove any glue mark. Use wood putty, same color with your wood (pine) and cover any imperfections. Let it dry and again use a no 200 sandpaper.


Step 8 - Make it perfect

Ok this is a difficult step. You need a second person. Remove the iron. Put the long drill inside the bottom. Use a chair to create a lathe with the drill. This is my patent I thought for making the rings perfect. One person should control the drill and the other with the sandpaper should make the rings thiner and then he should put the sandpaper with an angle to connect the ring with the main cylinder of the wand. This is a crazy step, that's why I will attach a video.

Step 9 - Painting

Use gesso to paint all the wand. With a no 320 sandpaper make it smooth. Be careful not to remove the whole gesso. Paint the rings and the bottom yellow. The main cylinder should be painted red. The cone should be divided in 6 sections, 6 yods. Now, 3 should be yellow and 3 should be red. It is a difficult step and will take a lot of time.


After painting write your sigils in the main cylinder. Use the divine name ELOHIM, not YHVH TZABAOTH. You should have 7 hebrew sacred names and your motto. In the end each section should have 3 names except one section which will have two. I used professional type acrylics: cadmium canary red, cadmium canary yellow and for the letters emerald green.

Apply gloss varnish for acrylics two times. Your wand is ready for concecration. Use it wisely and do good magick.



If you cannot make the wooden rings, use an aluminum sheet and cut your rings. With a super glue or with a thin nail you will support it in the main wand. Another solution is leather or clay.


Knowing that making the wand is a very difficult proccess and somethings is going to be wrong in the whole proccess, I can make a wand for you or you can order one online. But I suggest you should try and make your own. If you buy from someone else, you also buy his energy, his magickal energy. Make sure that this person is a good one.

Wired or not?

There is an interesting article from Michael Donald Craig in the Llewellyn website about this matter. Also in Modern Magick he doesn't suggest making a wand with the steel inside. Well, my opinion is to try and experiment with both methods. I strongly believe that the wired version is by far more efficient. You will notice a connection between you and the wand when you hold it, go closer to a piece of steel and imagine that you attract this piece. The energy from the tip of the and is immediately connected with your hand because of the magnetised iron wire.


Useful book for this project is: "Secrets Of A Golden Dawn Temple", Chic Cicero, Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Thoth publications

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