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My name is Colleen, I live just outside Heidelberg, Germany and am the mother of two grown children.  I was born in the USA, but I grew up in various locations in Europe, and feel very European at heart.  I graduated from High School in Italy and from University in Ireland, where I studied German, Italian and Linguistics.  Later I again attended University, to study Social Science & Psychology; my intention was to become a psychotherapist, but after 3 years, I instead opted to devote myself to spiritual development and transformational healing modalities.  I am a Reiki teacher and, additionally, have had the good fortune to have accompanied and assisted a Korean shaman over a two-year period, thereby learning more than any book or weekend workshop could ever teach about that.  In 2006 I founded a spiritual healing practice, which in 2013 I dedicated (in Service) to Hekate.  Other than that, I earn my bread by free-lance work in the machine-building industry specifically in the field of technical documentation.

Balance is important to me in every area of life and I find it of utmost importance to balance magical practice with a discipline such as the martial arts (as Eirini and Constantinos do) or Yoga (which I have been practicing since the mid-1970’s). 

As for my specific magical practices:  I am and have always been a solitary practitioner.  A lot of what I do or know comes from a source inside or beyond myself.  I learned very early on (the hard way) how important the will is in magic and how to be careful what you wish for and I steer clear of all manipulative magic.  I have never been convinced by any of the established traditions in magic and have always viewed them with a healthy pinch of skepticism.  I am supplementing my knowledge and experiences with studies in the Quareia system of magic.

Colleen has resigned from the Crossroads Witch since 2018

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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