Sanctuary of Hekate Closed

The sanctuary of Hekate in Athens used to open 5 months each year for the visitors to see the sites. For the year 2017, it opened only for 1 month for unknown reasons without any kind of announcement.

The sanctuary of Hekate in Athens is located in the  Eleusinion which was devoted to the worship of Demeter and Persephone in 6th century B.C. The Eleusinion is closed for seven months each year for the last years. It is open from May to September. For the year 2017, the things changed and it opened only for June; one out of twelve months. During my weekly visits the whole summer there was no trace of works inside the Eleusinion or any kind of maintenance of the monuments. It was just locked. The guards of the rest of the sites were informing me that it was closed due to political decision - for unknown reasons as they were claiming. In one of our discussions, I asked to see the official paper sent by the Ministry writing that the Eleusinion must remain closed. They never showed any kind of paper.

After personal discussion with the Ministry of Culture, the woman responsible for the opening and closing hours of all the sites and museums of the country, firstly told me that she doesn't know the site which I am talking about. After I explained several times where the site is situated and what monuments we can find inside she then officially told me that there was never any kind of a decision like that because she makes these decisions. She told me that she never sent an official paper for closing the Eleusinion.

After sending back and forth letters to the Ministry of Culture they wrote to me that they will answer to all my questions in a letter. One and a half month later the letter answering my questions never came. After my several requests that they should reply, they never answered.

Closed for no reason. No maintenance works. No answer from the guards. No answer from the Ministry of Culture.

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