Poem: The Roads of Athens

Glory, Honor and Wingless Nike, have from years fled,
they walk around the Athenian roads pretending to be dead.
They abandoned the gracious Acropolis since the old days,
what these Goddesses can give, today nobody takes.
The temple of Pallada is no longer their house,
they live on roads now, forgotten by the crowds.

On the crossroads I have always stood and everything I see,
I left the Acropolis as well; it is our nature to be free.
Cannons hit the temple, anger, fires and loot,
the injuries, visible today, the temple make impure. 
When the Parthenon was hit by Morosini’s shot, 
I heard Athena shouting that her
temple will be lost.
So that Athena doesn’t see, with my
veil I covered her blue eyes,
forever the temple I left, not to light the broken pieces and the piles.

Sit quietly and hear these Goddesses of light,
our footsteps and our whispers today are heard during the night.
Hear carefully my child and try to understand,
the four of us today are still living on this land.
We are trying to shine again, waiting to be seen,
people pass along us and our signs cannot see.
And if ever these Goddesses you want to honor and our blessings to receive,
on the roads of
Athens your offerings should leave.

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