The Mindhack Project Attacks Hekate

The Mindhack Project is a greek website which has articles about the following subjects: occultism, conspirancies, weird news. They write about occultism, or they think they do. The slogan of the webiste is "break the binds of mind". We will see about that. It is constituted by a group of 14 writers. At 13th of June 2016 they started an attack against our Mother Goddess Hekate, her devotees and the truth. Though we both (Eirini and I) asked them to make the appropriate corrections or at least show us their sources that they invoke (but do not write), they didn't respond back. So, as I promised to them, I am going to inform the community of what they write against our Goddess and what is the truth. We really didn't understand why they chose not to answer to our simple request...

The author

The author of the article is a graphic designer, who writes in (closed website), and to the magazine Phenomena (old monthly magazine about the occult and mysticism), so we can assume that he is an occultist. This is not a safe hypothesis as he is not active in the greek metaphysic groups. In the website he writes about symbols, dreams, traditions, magicians, vampires, books, divination methods, satanism, demonism, necromancy, Egyptian Magick, Grimoire Magick, books and initiation! Those subjects are unconnected, so he may be a devoted magickian, particularly in ceremonial magick. Yes? Or no? Let's see.

The article with our commenting

Vampires are not a modern idea

The article we are going to comment is about vampires. According to the author, vampires are a myth and in fact a modern one. If something doesn't appear in the past, probably it is not appearing cause it didn't exist. So, if this appears in the present, it is nothing more than a fantasy or a thoughtform. If it is a fantasy, who created it? In the article we see no answer on that very first and logical question. Let's examine that... For the followers of the ancient hellenic magick, keres are well known entities. Keres are sisters of the fates and daughters of Nyx (Hesiod, Theogony 217) who are connected with bad luck and bad events. In Homer we read that they appear in the battlefields and they ate heroes, they also drank their blood and caused sickness and death (A 228, B 302, C 454, I 70, X 210) Another entity with the same characteristics is Lamia, who dranks blood of humans, ripped their heart and ate it, caused sickness and death. Mormo and Gello are also entities having the same characteristics. So it is proved that vampires are ancient entities and not a modern theory. Pausanias in Descriptions of Hellas, Fokika writes about a demon called Eurynomos, who according to what the priests of Delphi told him, he ate the flesh of the dead living only their bones. His skin color was cyan and black as the color of flies who sit on meat. Maybe Eyrunomos is a personification of the bacteria of decomposition. As we see vampires are not modern at all!

Drinking of blood

In the next paragraph we read that the action of drinking blood is related with satanism. Again this is not true. In old years of ancient Hellas, everyday people drank blood from animals, as we learn from school!. We also read, in his article, that this action of drinking blood is connected with vaskania, the bad/evil eye. If you are not familiar with this, a person who envies another, may cause him discomfort for a day, usually, headaches. But this has nothing to do with drinking blood, except if the writer knows people who drink blood from animals to cause bad/evil eye effects.

Osiris is not a vampire

In the next paragraph, he mentions that Osiris took offerings of corpses. People offered dead bodies to him! He also connects him with vampires. Let's see what is the truth. Osiris was born as a human in Egypt at a period of cannibalism and barbarism. He came to banish those customs away. "He was the first man to drink wine and showed his people how to plant vines to provide grapes for this remarkable new beverage. In order to refine their rough customs, Osiris instructed the citizens of his land in rituals for honoring the Gods and gave them laws to govern their behavior." (Robert A. Armour, Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt, AUC press 2016) Osiris brought the civilization in Egypt, he was not encouraging cannibalism or vampirism, he did the exact opossite. Furthermore, if someone meets Osiris or works with Him, he will understand what kind entity he is. I just want to remind you that the author of the article, has written another article about the ancient Egyptian Magick!

In the temples of Hekate the enterers didn't drank human blood

Moving to the three paragraphs that he writes about our Goddess... we will stop at the end of them and we will not read the next of his article. He starts by writing that Hekate is one of the most mysterious Goddesses of all civilizations, but he is not saying why, he is just creating question marks. "According to some Scholars, the Temples of Hekate could be places of drinking blood.". He is not writing who these scholars are, but the s is capital, so we speak about academics. The article has no bibliography, no sources. I found the official website on facebook. Eirini asked him to provide us a list of those scholars or at least his sources. He is still searching for them! This is propaganda, clear propaganda against the Goddess Hekate. He wants to connect Hekate with satanism. Why? I don't know, but he writes articles about satanism in the website.

Devotees of Hekate were not murderers

He continues writing that the act of drinking blood was forbidden in ancient Hellas, but people did it secretly. Was he there? He mentions no sources. He writes that "it is said that temples were working in secret", meaning the temples of Hekate. But let me ask a question again. "It is said", by whom? Did he used methods of spiritism like ouija board and he believed what the spirits told him? In the next sentence he writes that it seems (from what?) that ancient devotees of Hekate thought that by drinking blood, obtained magickal powers and this also took them one step closer to the Goddess of Night. Again, he claims that something it is probably, but he didn't justify it logically, it is his hypothesis. He also claims that devotees drank blood to increase their magickal power. Let me ask of what kind? Human blood or animal? Maybe human blood, as the article is about vampires. So, according to the author, devotees of Hekate were criminals who killed citizens to drink their blood! And this gave them super powers. If this is true, prehistoric people and Spartans who brew their food in blood, should fly in the battle, like Eos, Helios and Selene. I cannot accept that someone believes that devotees of Hekate, my ancestors, were common criminals. This is a true provocation. He attemps to vilify the ancient hellenic religion, the ancient magick. Again, if the murders were true, then why noone ancient Hellene writer has ever written something about that? And in the Byzantine period, with the religious wars between philosophers and priests of the new religion, why this had never mentioned? Maybe because the christian writers didn't have holywood fantasies... Moreover, in the books I have read about ancient Necromancy, I have never read anything like that. What did devotees of Hekate offered to Her? Well, the ancient texts are full of the offerings, which were garlic, onions, pittes (pies), incense, red mullet fish etc. "On Dead" written by Porphyry we read that Klearchos offers to the statues of Hermes and Hekate a garland on their heads, he cleanse the statues and the sacred items he has from his ancestors, he honours them with incence of livani and thin flour pies and other flour breads. (II,16) In the book "Characters" of Theophrastos we read that the devotee of Hekate went to the three roads crossroads and used olive oil as an offering to the Goddess, then he prayed and left.

Another thing I won't let uncommented is that the author gives to the Goddess Hekate the characteristic of Her being only the Goddess of the Night, with capital N, meaning the darkness. Hekate is a luminous Goddess as well as the keyholder of the Underworld. She is the Cosmic Soul, the Goddess who not only takes souls to the Underworld, but she participates in their re-incarnation and SHE CREATES THEM! She helps people in their everyday problems, and She is honored by each citizen in ancient Hellas, in private, daily and montly. She is not just a Goddess, and surely She is just not a Goddess of Night.

The cult of Hekate is not a holywood satanic movie

Things get worse in the next sentence. The writer claims that Hekate Herself drank blood in the ceremonies held in Her honor. So, he has evidence that Hekate appeared frequently with human form and She drank blood from people. Let's imagine the scene. Her devotees were criminals, killed people in the night, illegally, unoticed, they did a ceremony to invoke and honor Her, She appeared, they drank blood to connect with Her, she also drank blood to honor herself (yes the writer writes that). I am pretty sure that he had in mind a holywood satanic scene of a very ill thriler movie. But why someone could even write in public so many bullshit? There are no evidence of those ill literature fantasies. In fact, in the museum of Delos island there is a metal stele with the Goddess Hekate participating in a sacrifice in Her honor. She helps lighting up the fire in the altar, which has a head of a carpicorn on its front side. Hekate is such a king Goddess who doesn't care if She will help Her devotees. If see Theophrasto's work about offerings calle "On Piety" we will see no mention of human sacrifices in Hellas, except one case. On the contrary, Theophrastos is against animal sacrifices and he writers "people who slaughtered and polluted the altars with blood brought illness and wars..." He charecterizes animal sacrifices are "full of brutality."

On Empoussa

The author also mentions Empoussa as a Daughter of Hekate who ate human flesh and drink blood. First of all, the only Daughter in hellenic mythology is Persephone. Other female deities, are daughters of the Gods, not Daughters. This shows poor knowledge of our mythology. Anyway, according to Lucian's work, On Dancing, Empoussa was a beautiful female dancer. Another Empoussa is described in the Byzantine Lexicon of Suidda. It is written that Empoussa was a demonic ghost sent by Hekate to cause fear and phenomena to cause sadness. She could change forms. In the Lexicon I cannot find any family relationship with the Goddess. Also, there is no mention about eating people and drinking blood. In the hellenic book about the ancient demons, written by the archaeologist and theologist Eleni Ladia (Δαιμονολογία ή Λόγοι Περί Δαιμόνων, Βιβλιοπωλείον της Εστίας 2012) there is also no mention in Empoussa's habbits of drinking bllood or eating people. In fact her book is aligned with the ancient texts.

Our reactions on facebook

At the 24th of July 2017 I saw the article on facebook and I read it. Immediatelly I commented on their facebook page calling the writer to rewrite the bullshit about drinking blood and the fantasies about the Goddess Hekate. Two days later, he chose not to respond and not to make any changes. I asked if they did he corrected the article, but again I never got a response. At the same day I invited the author to write the ancient sources that he invokes in the article. He chose not to answer. At the 5th of August, Eirini entered the conversation asking for the names of the academics that the writer invokes in the article. She asked for bibliography and the sources of where she can read about those ancient Hellenes devotees who drank blood. The author and the administrators of the page, decided not to answer to any question. What can I say? This is propaganda against our Goddess Hekate and it gets on my nerves when I know 2 people of the editor team, who read me, our blog etc. and they didn't want to make the corrections on the article. Furthermore, we speak about a website of 14 writers for Goddess sake! Noone has noticed all those incaccuracies that are written for more than a year?

Historical truth on blood consumption

Let's forget all the propaganda that is done by them and it remained unanswered for a year, and let's see why someone could believe that the Goddess Hekate could have a relation with the drinking of blood. In the PGM, we see the most well known invocation to the Goddess Selene. Selene is identified with Hekate. At the last verses we read αιμοπότι, which means the one who drinks blood, καρδιόδαιτε, which is the one who eats hearts, σαρκοφάγε, which is the one who eats flesh. There is a big but here. The magickal invocation to Selene has written later than the classical antiquity and it has many different aspects of the Goddess united under one invocation. This is expected as it is an invocation for asking about everything, so it must be chthonic, dramatic, terrifying. Again, in another chthonic hymn for Hekate, she is called Gorgo, Mormo etc. which are those night demons. This hymn is also invoking Her chthonic aspects and describes her having the color of blood. Those dramatic hymns do not represent the image of the Goddess as Her devotees have seen Her throughout ages, they have a certain purpose for magickal rituals and they serve that puprose very well for centuries.


Closing our answer to the Mindhack Project website, I want to remember to those scientists and occultists that when we write something we add our sources and bibliography. Especially if we invoke ancient texts and modern academic papers in our article. If forgetting to add bibliography is their thing, as they believe of "breaking the chains of mind", then allow me to remind you that logic and balance are necessary in every magickal work. There is no magickal tradition outside those limitations, which help us have a safer path on our climbing to self purification. You cannot accept divine light or ancient spiritual knowledge if your vessel is broken. I hope that they are going to edit their article and write a new one about the Cosmic Soul. They can even translate one of ours. In fact, I do invite them to do it.

As for the propaganda that is real and exists in my country, the country of the Goddess Hekate, I try not to occupy myself with falsehood either it is propagated in small religious groups (reconstructionists), youtube videos (of those groups), books, articles etc. except if they become very offensive as the article we mentioned. After all, this is the first article response I write on the blog and I hope that it won't be a next one, though there is a book in Hellas about the Goddess Hekate, which we may have to write a review about it in the near future. Until then, let's focus on the bright side of things and on the bright side of our Mother Goddess, who is there for us, everyday. There are the full moon esbats to notice Her in the moon, the dark moon deipna to invite Her and the spirits to eat close to us and bless us, the daily offerings and whatever service everyone is doing for Her, either is helping someone else to get on track or making a research for Her ancient cult. Hekate is always there to help people from the unfairness and we should be like Her, living by the virtues She is showing us.

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