Monotheism and 3E

Nowadays wiccans believe mainly in polytheism but in Wicca we can find monotheism too. In the ancient hellenic religion, the same phenomeno takes place. In the entrance of the temple of Apollo in Delphi we see a mystical symbol, the EI of Delpi.

The orphic religion clearly speaks for the existence of one God, one Triple God, but at the same time, we find hymns for all Gods and Goddesses... If we see closely of the orphic texts, it is clear that there is one main God.

Going to Delphi, we meet an ancient symbol, which was known to all Hellenes but only the initiated knew its meaning. Only one man dared to write a book about this symbol. Plutarch was the high priest in the Oracle of Delphi. Delphi was the sacred ground of the God Apollon, who's name may mean all Gods together.

Plutarch in his book about the EI of Delphi writes that Apollo salutes every devotee who comes to his place by saying Know Thyself when he looks at that symbol. In this salutation the devotee should say EI which is a symbol to one true God. Plutarch adds that there is a God who exists without time limitation. Reading Plutarch's book the conclusion is that EI means "you are one".

Eustrofos the Athenean had wrote that EI is related with the number five. This is true. Some philosophers called arithmetic as pempazein (use of five). So, the meaning of EI is pythagorean by this way of thinking, meaning that all are connected by numbers and numbers are the first and only cause of things. It is a reference to the arithmological-lexarithmic theory of the hellenic language.

Image credit:, the throne of Cnossos with 2 three epsilons

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