At the Crossroads we meet Hekate

Goddess Hekate, the respectable and glorious one, dwells in time and lives through eternity. It is she who stands by our side and Her actions aim to support us and to guide us to our spiritual path. She is the one who leads us to a new life making us feel safe in order to become more ourselves. But our world is dark and we can't see clearly. And then we see Hekate because in the darkness she shines the brightest.

At the crossroads we meet Hekate. There we stand alone at the crossroads of life full of choices or hidden choices, not knowing which road to choose, with no sign of a better life ahead, ready to fall apart. The lies, doubts and difficulties of our personal lives make us confused and shadows are spread before us feeding our world of illusions and uncertainty. Αt the crossroads awaits for us Hekate. There we will find Her standing kindly and tenderhearted, willing to give compassion and to show us the way. She illuminates with her flaming torch of eternal life the sacred road. She is the fire to warm our cold souls and She has the keys to set us free from our cubical cage.

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Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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