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Text from avalonia.co.uk website:
"In 2005 Avalonia was born from the union of the esoteric community with the same name and the desire to both make available specialist materials on niche subjects related to mythology, magic and alternative spiritual traditions. Today Avalonia is an independent publisher producing outstanding and innovative books which push the boundaries of their subjects and illuminate the spirit of the sacred in its many manifestations. Our books span the arcane and ethereal realms, from the unveiling of obscure or forgotten folklore which permeates the earth with echoes of ancient wisdom, to original and exciting practices which transcend the boundaries of traditions and take magic back to its source – challenging the limits of transformation.

We explore the shadows and hidden niches of myth and enchantment, knowing that the mysteries have many layers and liminal points of access. From the charms of witchcraft to the pages of rare grimoires, from the divine names of the Qabalah to the hallowed forms of goddesses like Hekate and Artemis, come the inspiration of the poet and the oracle, the druid and the mage, the mystic and the scholar. All these are expressions of the petals of the divine unfolding and finding form in our books, fragments of dreams and visions of the otherworldly, transmuted and frozen in words by the fervour and craft of our authors.

All our authors, translators and researchers are known and respected for their dedication, passion and experience in their fields. They combine the benefits of tradition and scholarship with the insights of the innovator and the explorer; they are creative artists and intuitive technicians who cross the frontiers of convention to blaze new trails in the landscapes of esoteric and spiritual knowledge."

Avalonia has published exceptional works, which are based both in research in actual texts, studies and ancient texts where it is needed and it is combined with the experiense of the authors of the magickal traditions they work and write. The content is not dead, but is written by dedicated persons who have actually practiced magick within their tradition. That's something we usually find in small publishing houses. From their categories I choose to show praise the occult/grimoire section, the greek/roman section and the wicca section. Avalonia is a publishing house of great importance for the devotees of the Goddess Hekate as they have published several good books:

  • Hekate Keys to the Crossroads
  • Hekate Liminal Rites
  • Hekate Her Sacred Fires
  • Thracian Magic
  • Circle For Hekate I,II,III
  • The Temple of Hekate
  • Living Theurgy

The owner is a leading figure in the community of the Goddess Hekate and we have the honor to call her our friend.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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