Tarot Meditation

This is a common technique for anyone who uses Tarot as a tool of divination or self improvement. Also, Golden Dawn practitioners use this technique for the same reasons.

For this technique you need a good tarot deck, rich with symbolism. I am not recommending any decks. Stay with traditional ones, not with artistics or designed with computers. You start by relaxing yourself. Use a valid relaxation technique. Good techniques are squeezing muscles technique (also used in psychology), mental relaxation of the muscles (again the same), golden or white sphere technique, waterfall vizualizations, fourthfould breath technique etc. You can also follow a youtube video to reax yourself. Good option is to take normal breaths, noticing the in and out motion of the air while listening to birds, raindrops, etc sounds. It is vital to have a good posture like in yoga meditation, Reiki meditations, buddhism meditations or zazen. The spine should be straight, the nose vertical to the ground, the shin should be inside and the eyes half-closed or closed. Relaxation techniques are great to release tension from your body. As in magick, if you have tension in your muscles, you should stretch before the relaxation and remember that stretching all muscles is also a relaxation technique for the body.

Now take your favorite Tarot deck and choose one card. If you want to work on symbolism, do it firstly and then do your meditation. Take your meditation stance and then hold the card in front of you or better lay it on the ground. Start entering the card by noticing all details from the tor right corner, then move left, right etc. Try to remember every detail. Consentrate as hard as you can. Do this for two minutes.

Close your eyes and reproduce the card in your mind's eye. Do a real visualization. See the card clearly. This process takes some days to achieve it, since you build visualization techniques. Keep the image for five minutes. Do not worry if you haven't reproduced all the details. After this stage of concentration you go to the final.

Leave the image to fade. Totally remove the image from your mind. When you reach this stage of void keep your mine stable by tryint to think nothing, this is when mediation begins. Try to stay in that stage for 2-3 minutes. You may receive a message for the energy of the card.

Allow yourself to return to the normal routine.

You can use lenormand cards too for this process. If you are working with a deck that has no representations on the minor arcana, use only the major.

Image credit: The Golden Dawn Temple Tarot by Wendrich Art Gallery

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