Rite of Her Sacred Fires 2016

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires (ROHSF) is an annual celebration honoring the Luminous Goddess of the Crossroads, Hekate. It was written by the very famous Sorita D'Este and performed in Full Moon 2010 for the first time. Sorita created that ceremony after a vision she had. Every year more and more people celebrate the ROHSF from all over the world lighting candles to honor the Goddess Hekate and to express their will for a better understanding of Her Mysteries. Everey year the magickians who perform the Rite put themselves to a global map.

The ceremony has been published in the devotional anthology, "Her Sacred Fires", published by Avalonia Books. It is available online in translation to many languages.

The ROHSF is performed once a year in the Full Moon of May. Anyone who works or likes Hekate can perform the Rite inside or outside a circle, in a group or alone, in the morning or in the dark night, in his room or in a temple, inside or outside in the nature. People tend to take photos when they have lit the fires for Hekate and post them on facebook. In the Covenant of Hekate youtube channel a video is posted with those photos and info from the people they hav shared them.

The main offering to Hekate in this Rite is a flame. Candle flame, oil lamp flame, lampads, torches or fire. Of course the magickian could offer more offerings to Her.

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I celebrate the ROHSF from 2015 so for two years. It is an important ritual because all devotees have one purpose to honor the Goddess Hekate and connect their flame with the flame they lit and they are united with the Goddess Hekate. They ask for greater understanding of the Mysteries from Hekate. There is a phrase which is very important: From Crossroad to Crossroad, The Torchbearers and the Keybearers of your mysteries will always find one another” This is a direct reference to afterlife, rebirth and meet again the persons you have created bonds in this life. So the reincarnation and the greeting of Wicca "merry meet again" as well as the aspect of Hekate as a weaver of the eternal circle of life, death and rebirth. Another important part of the ceremony is the voce magicae that can be traced in the PGM used for thousand of years as an evocatory formula for calling Hekate.

Every time I perform the ROHSF I feel better after that, for several days. The night I do the ceremony I am full of energy. I have celebrated this Rite with aa friend who has not been initiated or being a devotee and she felt the same thing. Hekate gives Her blessings being in the life of Her devotee for many days guiding in theoritical an practical ways. So, the ROHSF as an experience is refreshing, renewing. It helps building a more close relationship with Hekate. Also, seeing all the pictures with all the altars from all over the world, is quite motivating and anyone can get ideas and change opinions with other devotees of Hekate.

This year I performed the ROHSF with love and respect to my Goddess. It was again an intense experience for me and for my team. I hope every year more and more people will invoke Hekate in their room and honor Her, cause She is the One and we are parts of Her.

ROHSF 2015

ROHSF 2016

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