Means of Apocalypse

Ancient divination is based in signs. Those signs could be divided to two categories. Signs that are revealed without the diviner do any great actions and signs that are caused because the diviner did something.

Immediate Signs

  • Diosemiai, the signs of Zeus. Those are meteorological signs that are used to predict the weather and the luck.
  • Enodioi symvoloi. A human meets an animal and explains its movements. This meeting is not caused by the human.
  • Kledones. A phrase or a sentence that someone says to another but it answers to the problem that another person has in his mind.
  • Oneira. Dreams
  • Ossai. Like kledones Gods speak through others in a normal way.
  • Oionoi. Signs by the movements of the birds.
  • Exstasis through divine invocation and channeling
  • Palmoi. Pulsations of the body due to exstasis.

Collateral Signs

  • Nekyomanteia. Using the spirit of the dead to speak for the future. In ancient Hellas the afterlife was a common belief and people used to bury the dead bodies very carefully.
  • Astrologia. Interpretation on the moves of the seven planets and the zodiac signs of the night sky. In ancient world astrology, astronomy and meteorology were the same science.
  • Egkoimisis. A very common method of dream healing, practiced in a sancruary of a healing God. Some actions are required so that the God will visit the person while sleeping and he will give a medical herbal remedy. This method is based in creating emotional thrills to the recipient.
  • Ravdomanteia. The use of pendulum and wands to find lost objects or answers.
  • Empyromanteia. The use of fire in divination. The diviner observed the direction of the flame, the, smoke, the sounds of the woods, the moves of the animal, the blood, the time that the animal consumed to be killed, and lastly the liver, the most important part for divination using animals. The shapes of the liver gave the answers to the question. Of course empyromanteia was practiced and without the animal sacrifice, using only the smoke of incense, barley, bay and other herbs.
  • Ydromanteia.The use of a water as a mean to see the future. The diviner drank water or used it as a surface or reflection.
  • Crystallomanteia. The use of crystals as refrection surfaces.
  • Dentromanteia. Using signs from the trees.
  • Kleromanteia. A method of pure luck using lotter.
  • stragalomanteia. Using the ankles of the animals and interprenting their position in a flat surface.
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Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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