Searching Hekate In Court Cards

This article is part of a series searching Hekate in divination cards. The court cards are parts of minor arcana. Those court cards are illustrated with persons because they represent persons ot qualities the querent must have to solve his problem/situation. By all court cards the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles are the most relevant I could find, using the RWS deck. Let's see who is a friend of Hekate or contains the energy of Her.

Page of Cups

This is a creative person, a visionary, someone who has artistic talents. He is young inside. He puts emotional effort in his actions. He uses imagination and visualization effectively. He is intuitive and a dreamer too. This artistic person is someone who is painting Hekate, a devotee, an artist who gets inspired by Her and creates pieces of art in paper, wood, or even in his computer. Many devotees and artists have drawn Hekate nowadays and they upload their work online. Check pinterest for example.

Queen of Cups

Ok, this is a Witch, an oracle, a mantissa. A woman who is very intuitive, a trully charismatic oracle. She predicts events, she can totally understand youe inner world without talking much. She is also a mother with passive energy. She is very sensitive and nurturing. She likes childern, motherhood and taking vare of others. Compassion is related with her talents. This woman is a practical Witch and an oracle of Hekate. Someone who practices magick, divination and sorcery. Many of Her devotees can see themselves in her cup.

Page of Pentacles

This young man is full of abilities and potential. He is talented, devoted, he is full of entusiasm. He likes to work a lot. He is methodical. But he is young, so he is learning now. This card represents the devotees of Hekate who after the initiation follow Her wishes to become solid magicians or Witches with strong bases. Hekate is not working with everybody.

Queen of Pentacles

The queen of the earth is here. She is an affectionate mother, a caring lady, who likes to participate herself in her work. She likes to act and help. She gives away her personal time to help you. She is taking care of her house and her close environment. She is generous and supportive. This lady is wise. She is Hekate seeing her as a wise, young and kind Goddess. Many of Her devotees try to help others as an offering to Her. This is an attitude Hekate would like and the Queen of Pentacles would like that too. For example, Hekate's Deipna are an action of giving things to take care of the ghosts and spirits who follow Her.

Knight of Swords

This card represents someone who is very determined, he has a strong belief system, he uses his mind and his emotions in the same time. This is the person you do not want to disagree in a public discussion and in a team he is a leader. Hekate is a warrior Goddess. She has strong will and She knows what She wants and the way this will happen.

Queen of Swords

This woman is sharp-minded, she has great communication skills, life experience, a lot of confidence. She may become hard to her opponent. She is an administrator, a very powerful figure. You want to have her on your side. This figure demands respect. She has the power to make your life miserable. Hekate was feared and respected in ancient Hellas. I think that the general energy of the female side of the swords suit, the energy of the crown chakra, as long as the sharp character of this woman maybe they are close to Hekate.


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